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Dec 08, 2011 at 01:49 AM

Summarization Levels in COPA. Tr Code KEDV


Dear All,

I request you to give me some Clarifications on Summarization Levels namely;

1) Are the summarization levels build form Line Items tables(CE1XXXX and CE2XXXX).

2) If so how does it get the field "PLIKZ"(Plan/Actual Indicator) for Plan line items as this field so not part of CE2XXXX, so How is it Updated?

3) Assuming that there are Performance problems even after using Summarization Levels, can you please explain as to how exactly do the Indexs work.?

4) In Indexes, there are 5 Columns with the title "Field", each of the column containing multiple rows, can you please explain what is the use of each of the columns.?

5) i have gone through the OSS Note "83204", in it there is a path(given below) given to download the information on Summarization Levels. However, i was not sure as to how to download it Could you please let me know how to download it.If Possible can you upload the document under "Wiki" or " Articles".

Below is the data and the file path from the note:


The document can be downloaded via ftp from the sapserv3 server (binary

transfer mode). The German or English version is stored in directory:


under the name h83204dt.doc or n83204en.doc.