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Dec 08, 2011 at 12:55 AM

WSAECONNREFUSED: Connection refused


Hi all,

I know you might have seen this topic 100s of times but I need your help.

I was installing an HPUX cluster, rebuilding it, I have all the files, the packages, everything, so I didn't create anything new. There are 2 packages, the cmviewcl command on the hpux shows that the cluster and the packages are up and running fine.

The package IP is pingable. Telnet works.

However, I couldn't log on to SAP (using SAP Logon 640) from the server where it is installed. I have no single clue about how SAP works, I got this error and I have been googling for hours in vain. I read somewhere that I need to update the serives file in system 32, I did.. but however (and excuse my total ignorance in this domain), there was a line I added (among 3 or 4 others) 'sapms<SID> 3600/tcp' .. how do I know what is the SID?

When my colleague installed the same system on the same site before, he told me that once the package IP is pingable and tha t #bdf shows the correct presentations and cluster is up and running, our job is over.. and that problem below never happened with him.

So what I want to know, is that a miss configuration on the unix side? Should those services be added on the HPUX? or on the windows machine?

Below is the error.

Partner not reached (host, service sapdp00)


Component NI (network interface)

Release 640

Version 37

Module nixxi_r.cpp

Line 8724

Method NiPConnect2

Return code -10

System call SiPeekPendConn

Error No 10061

Error Text WSAECONNREFUSED: Connection refused

Counter 1

Any help would be appreciated!

N.B.: If you need any more information, logs, or anything, you have to guide me through, as I don't know anything about SAP.