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Apr 13, 2005 at 03:12 PM

Maintaining data targets - uncertainties



I have done some searching but still could not address my problems. Hope to get help in SDN.

1. What's the major difference(s) between Reconstruct data target vs repair Request vs auto deletion of similar requests function? Is Reconstruct tied strictly to compression?

2. Under what sort of circumstances would it be time consuming to Delete a Request from Aggregates that has been rolled up but not yet compressed? What factors make maintenance of aggr time consuming?

3. Is it true that aggregates use line item dimension if a dimension has >= 15 chars per dimension or is it <= 15? Is 15 Inclusive of P,T,U dimensions?

4. Is it that max BW processes used to load data is set in R/3? If so, why is it that PSA & InfoObj/DataTarget in Parallel option will not restrict the number of BW processes?

5. Does the term ‘memory’ used in General Transfer Params for Data Transfer in extraction referring to disk space or ram usage?

6. What is meant by Compression is performed using characteristics not used by the aggregate?

7. How can external system data exist locally for virtual cube with services?

Awaiting your reply.


Pascal Gabin