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Apr 13, 2005 at 09:25 AM

Formatted Search: How 2 get the active value


Hi ,

I defined a simple FS to learn, but keep getting the same values for different codes.

Shortly, I have 2 tables, first one (


) keeps


,Reason Description, etc.

In the second one (


) I enter other unrelated data and



I wanna get Reason Description from


table into that


table by the help of FS. So I defined something like that:

SELECT T0.U_ReaDesc from .[@REASON] T0 , .[@MAIN] T1 WHERE T0.U_ReasonID = T1.U_ReasonID</b>

When I use this query, I keep getting the same reason description for different reason codes, actually the description of the first data in the REASON table.

Ouery settings : Search By Saved Query - Auto Refresh - When exiting altered column - Column "REASONID "- Refresh regularly

I guess, I have to add or change something in the query, so that I can refer to the <u>activ ReasonID value</u> in the MAIN table and get the descr. for it.

(Sorry if this subject is handled before but I couldn't find anything related in SDN.)