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Dec 06, 2011 at 10:15 AM



Hi Sap

We have a a front end environment where we can create and save transaction data like activities,leads etc on sap.We realised that some transaction descriptions contains a # value,but if we display the value its not a hash value.So I've created a validation method for this and it removes these unprincipled characters.Now we need to catch these descriptions before it gets saved on sap because this is affecting all bw reporting and causing them to stop and remove them manually.Therefore we used badi CRM_ORDERADM_H_BADI , (interface name) IF_EX_CRM_ORDERADM_H_BADI and (class) ZCL_IM_64_VAL_HEADER_DATA.So the badi has the changing structure CS_ORDERADM_H_BADI were we can use the 'description' field, validate it and change it before it gets saved.It works perfectly but now the 'description_uc' field cannot be changed to the validated description value.The badi gets called in this function: crm_orderadm_h_merge_ow where it passes the structure LS_ORDERADM_H_BADI to the this structure doesnt have a 'description_uc' field.The description_uc field get the value of description field just before the badi is being called.My question is :If I changed the description removing all unprincipled fields how am I going to change the desription_uc field to the new value.I've also noticed that you can change theses fields values when you return to the function.Please help for our BW users uses this desription_uc field.Your help will be much appreciated.Regards Christiaan