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Dec 05, 2011 at 07:14 AM

SAP BI 4.0 CMC rights required to access Information Designer


Hi, IN SAP BI 4.0 only administrators are able to access the Information Designer tools no one else can access it.

We have given fiull control on Applications, Universe and Connections but not able to login.

i have verified the User Gude and they mentioned the follwing info but i couldn't able to figure out how to give these rights to login into IDT.

To open a session on the repository system and do all secured tasks in the information design tool:

u2022 You must have a username and password configured by the system administrator in the CMC for

the CMS where the repository is stored.

183 2011-05-25

Managing security

u2022 You must have the right "Connect the CMS with Information design tool and view this object in the

CMC" granted in the CMC.

Any help Pelase?