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Dec 03, 2011 at 10:46 AM

MM 335 "You want to change the profit center...'


Hi guys,

in a material master I have the field profit center blank and I want enter a value but the message MM 335 '"You want to change the profit center but material stock still exists"...I have implemented OSS notes for release 6.03 but the message continues to go out..the stock for the Plant in which I want enter Profit center does not exist, is it correct that this message goes out?In your opinion which is the correct way to update material master?I have tried to transfer all stock present in all Plants on which that material is opned with mov type 309 but the message go out again..It is a strange thing , I don' think taht the unique way is to chenge the nature of message from E to W..

thanks in advance for your attention