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Dec 03, 2011 at 10:09 AM

Error while loading Reported Financial Data from Data Stream


Hi Guys,

I'm facing the following error while loading Reported Financial Data from Data Stream:

Message no. UCD1003: Item "Blank" is not defined in Cons Chart of Accts 01

The message appears in Target Data. Item is not filled in almost 50% of the target data records and the error message appears.

Upon deeper analysis I found that Some Items are defined with Dr./Cr. sign of + and with no breakdown. When these items appear as negative (Cr.) in the Source Data, they are not properly loaded to the target data. Item is not filled up, hence causing the error.

For Example: Item "114190 - Prepayments" is defined with + Debit/Credit Sign. When it is posted as negative / Credit in the source data, it is not properly written to the target.

Should I need to define any breakdown category for these items? I think there's something wrong with the Item definitions OR I'm missing something....

I would highly appreciate your quick assistance in this.

Kind regards,