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Dec 02, 2011 at 09:53 AM

Enhancement CNEX0038 : EXIT_SAPLCOMK_012 (CJ20N) error.


Hello Gurus,

I have created custom tab in material component in CJ20N. Where i am displaying certain editable fields (to display /update)regarding material data.

The values are getting displayed in fields correctly for all materials under same WBS element. But when i click on the material in different WBS element vaules are not getting displayed correctly . This is because when i click on material in different WBS element , the value of WBS element remains same as of previous material in user exit EXIT_SAPLCOMK_012 which i have used to fetch values.


Open a Proj. and expand all

wbs element1(e.g K.001087. -> n/w -> activity -> material component (abc) here in custom tab fields are there to update / dispaly

wbs element2(e.g K.001087.01.03.02) -> n/w -> activity -> material component (pqr)

when i move from abc to pqr, the value of wbs element remains same(of abc) in EXIT_SAPLCOMK_012 (I_AFVGD). I am using structures in this exit to get the material details.

I used this exit EXIT_SAPLCOMK_012 because it gets triggers when we move from one material component to other.

Please suggest if there is another exit or enhancement for my requirement.