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Dec 02, 2011 at 09:38 AM

Trigger Background jobs from a program


I was wondering if we could call the BDC using some BATCH user to avoid the authorization issue while running a particular transaction in PRD. So instead, the user will perform the 309 transaction and create the output. A separate background program running for the batch user will then actually process the output, triggering the program.

More details:

I have written a program, where in there is a BDC on the transaction MSC1N. Problem is the user who is gonna run it in PRD may not have authorization for this particular transaction. So what i am thinking is, when the user runs the porgram in PRD, the program will check if he has authority over this. If he doesnt. Then a background job should be triggered, with BATCH user ID, so that it then processes the BDC part, and carry it on.

Can I process this as a background task with some other user's ID?

Any help on this is appreciated.



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