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Former Member
Dec 02, 2011 at 04:35 AM

Work Centre within BOM


Hi all,

I am working in a manufacturing company, and the company is considering to use SAP B1 to replace the current system. However, we are not fully confident on how SAP B1 handles work centre within BOM.

The current system:

We have 10-12 work centre that works as a cost centre and it is associated with the machineries we have. In that work centre setting, we set labour cost, production speed, number of production in an hour etc, the purpose is to enable calculating the production cost per item and for other purposes as well.

We also have work sequences, that will pretty much handle the sequences in producing items. The relationship between work centre and work sequence is one to many or one to one.

Does SAP B1 have this capability?

Another question will be in regard to barcoding. I understand that there is add-on to handle barcoding and RFID. My question is whether the SAP B1 add-on can handle the automatic process of updating the system when the barcode scanner is used, or do we have to update the system manually?

Thanks in advance for the help.