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Dec 02, 2011 at 04:24 AM

Controlling are currency / Profit Center accounting currency - Approach


Dear All Expsrts,

I am configuring CO Area where one company code is equal to one controlling area.

1 ) So what sould be be currency ideally ? 10 or 30 ? Company code currency or Group Currency ?

2 ) Same way in 0KE5 ( Profit Center Account - Controlling area settings ) which should be currency type - As I think if CoCd and Co Area is one to one relationship it should be 10 always. - Please correct me if I am wrong.

3 ) 0KE5 is it mandatory to keep valuation view as a profit center valuation or Legal Valuation ? What is difference between both and in which cases we can use each?

Expert guidance will be helpful on this.


Revati Joshi.

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