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Dec 01, 2011 at 09:01 PM

CN27 - Can someone explain its basics to me please?


We just switched over to SAP and I'm currently in charge of closing out a lot of projects. Right now my team is stuck manually confirming every activity which I know can't be the best way to do this. Some searching brought up the CN27 transaction which seems to be made for this as it can confirm multiple activities. However, my bosses did not include that transaction on our privileges list so I can't access it to see how it works and I can't find a good general description of it anywhere. I want to ask that we get it added but before I bring it up I would like to have an idea of what exactly it does.

Can somebody confirm for me that this is the purpose of that transaction and maybe give an overview of the functions it performs?

Additionally, I'm curious if this transaction could be used to undo a bunch of confirmations if a project was closed too early and needs to be opened again fro another invoice, SES etc.

Any responses would be greatly appreciated.