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Former Member
Dec 01, 2011 at 07:34 PM

enhance datasource 2LIS_02_ACC


Hi Experts:

I'm trying to enhance datasource 2LIS_02_ACC by adding a field u201CGR Document #.u201D(EKBE- LFBNR). It seems I have to append a structure with that field directly to the extract structure of this LO datasource. However, I remember in a document I read, it says u201CUnlike the other datasources it is not possible/advised to enhance the extract structure by an append

structure for a LO datasource as it is the logistic application that triggers the delta for the LO Datasources.u201D

So my question is:

1. Although it is not possible/advised, can we still append a structure directly to the extract structure of the LO datasource?

2. Is there any disadvantage or special care we need to be aware for this approach?

Thank you.