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Former Member
Dec 01, 2011 at 05:48 PM

PCR keyword question - adding wagetypes


Hi all,

I have a requirement to add some pension schemes to the schema to perform retro across tax years.

As part of this,, I have added one wagetype to some rules, which needs to output to another wagetype in the results table.

My difficulty is if I need to add additional pension schemes to these PCRs ,i.e. additional wagetypes, I am having a problem, and need some guidance.

One of the rules looks like this:

9ZP0 Total PenPlus EOY b/f adj

ELIMI * Elim.time period ID

ADDWTI* IT Input table

ADDWTI8120 IT Input table

ADDWTI8150 IT Input table

Both wagetypes 8120 and 8150 relate to separate schemes, so I don't want to add them together, but I want each of them to be added into 9ZP0.

I have tried using ADDWTI, ADDWTE, but the results are incorrect.

Please advise which operation I should use in this scenario.