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Dec 01, 2011 at 03:17 PM

Universal Worklist Subtitution Rule --> HRUS_D2 wrong data adaption?...



I'm playing around with UWL in Portal and its substitution functionalities. I've just created a delegation rule and set it active. I then created a leave request to have a work item in the UWL. When I logged onto my substitutor and checked whether he can seee the respective workitem; as a matter of fact, he can't. Thus I took a look at table HRUS_D2 to see whether the entries found their way into the backend. There is a record set, but it is incomplete! 😔

The fields REPPR and ACTIVE are both blank, which shouldn't be, they should be set to 'ALL' and 'X'. It doesn't matter either how much I change and play around with the subtitutor rule, activating it, deactivating it, reactivating it, changing the type of subtitution. It has no effect. The fields REPPR and ACTIVE are always blank.

Am I missing something? Is this a bug? Are there any SAP-Notes available concerning this strange behaviour? Did anybody face a similar issue?

best regards,