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Dec 01, 2011 at 02:00 PM

Issue with capacity check


Hello Experts,

Kindly request your help on the issue I am facing with the capacity check.

In warehouse (Non SU managed) we have two storage types AB0 & CD1. AB0 st.type has putaway strategy as F- fixed bin & capacity usage marked as 3 - Capacity check based on max qty of the bin for the st.type. It has mixed & addition stock marked as "X" (allowed). For st.type CD1 putaway strategy is "L - Next empty bin", capacity check as "4 - check check based based on material" , Addition of stock & mixed storage is marked as "X" (allowed).

Case 1 :- When I make GR for material ( material with fixed bin in material master & max capacity of 50 qty) with 100 qty the material 50 qty if filled in the fixed bin & the remaining qty goes to the next st.type as per the search strategy i.e CD1.

In case 1 we do not find any issue.

Case 2;- When a GR for 50 qty is made for a material (batch managed & fixed bin with max qty 50 qty) this qty will fillup in the respective fixed bin of 50 qty. Now if I make a 2nd GR of the same materail of 10 qty system should suggest me the bin in the next storage type as per the search strategy i.e CD1. But system gives a error message capacity of fixed bin exceeds system never suggests the bins in the st.type CD1.

Need your valuable inputs

Thanks in advance


Sharanu Patil