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Dec 01, 2011 at 01:40 PM

Equiment is getting created on Goods Reciept as per movement type 981


Hi Experts

Scenrio: A capitalized machine has been depreciated in asset accounting. The machine still has a remaining net book value (NBV) and should be brought back to stock and taken out of asset accounting.


a) The posting to stock should be at NBV.

b) The posting should take place under a different material no than the new machine uses.

c) *No new equipment master should be created in order to keep the history of the machine

.*Data Set up: a) Machine :A has equipment Number :B and Serial Number :C

b) 2nd Hand machine : X Serial Number :C

Process Followed:

a) Create Material Xfor Valuation category :X ,Price Control: V Valuation Class :C (Serial Number of Machine A)

b) Update equipment master B with 2nd hand material number (X)

c) Goods Reciept of Material (X) by entering batch and valuation type as C (Serial Number of Machine A)

Then on display of Serial Number (C) via IQ09 its shows

Serial No material Equipment



My Question:

a) Why equipment is getting created on doing GR of material X

b) What are config setting i need to check to avoid creation of new equiment (B)

Hope I make my Question Clear

Thanks in advance for your valuable suggestions