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Dec 01, 2011 at 10:40 AM

Set-up ALE to Posting Payroll Accounting Doc to FI in Separated System


Dear All,

In My case SAP HR is in One system and Payroll run and Posting run will happen here( this system i consider as Source / sending System there are No of Company Codes and Payroll Areas) In other system full fledged FI is implementing by us(I consider this as Target / receving System) when we run the Payroll Posting in Source system for AG Payroll area which contains Two Company codes these Payroll Posting Document should go to Target System).

Clarification 1: Do we need to do the Payroll Posting settings in the target system

Clarrification 2: Is there any other setting to be taken care in the Target that is FI system.

Already we have tested with the test client its working fine with same company code etc. But now the problem is in the Source / Receving System company Code is AB05 and AB06 and controlling area is AA01 and in Target or Receving system Company code is EN01 and EN02 and Controlling area is 1000, but all the G/ls and Costcenters are same as in both Receving and (FI )Target system.

Hope this Filtering the company code can be achived through ALE filters. Need your Suggestion here.

Please can u suggest me how to go about this issue. .

Many thanks in advance


Raghu Kumar R