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Apr 11, 2005 at 08:19 AM

How to set the view, which has to be shown at runtime?



in my application i have more than one view, but at runtime only one of these views has to be shown. I want to decide this via a parameter that I get from the url.

How can i set the right view to be showing at runtime?

I tried it with a StartView which fires the right Outbound Plug in his wdDoInit-Method. This is working fine, but the problem is, that the method OnPlugDefault() of ComponentInterfaceViewController isn't called already at this time. So in the Init-Method of the StartView I don't have the given URL Parameter, so I can't decide which Plug I want to fire. The method OnPlugDefault() is called only after the init-method of the StartView.

Is there any other possibilty to set the view, which has to be shown, at runtime?

Thanks and Best Regards