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Dec 01, 2011 at 06:01 AM

Help on uploading the documents


Hi Gurus,

Currently we have a project requirement where in:

=> we need to provide an option for uploading documents in SRM SUS portal

=> we do not want to go for third party content server (no budget for server license); so preferably SAP application server (ECC 6.0 and SRM 7.0 with SUS is currently installed)

Considering these two prime factors, what would be the best option to satisfy the requirement?

I have heard about R/3 DMS, Easy DMS and few other options as well...

But, I really do not know which one to consider or in which direction to go as I have never worked on such kinda requirement before..

I suppose both the above mentioned DMS options require some installation and thus some licensing would be involved..

Do we have any option given by standard SAP which is inbuilt and does not require any additional installation to help solve our purpose..?

Any help would be highly appreciated...!!!

Thanks in advance!