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Dec 01, 2011 at 04:40 AM

ChaRM - Import of transports (urgent!!)


Ok, got a bit of an issue with the import of our transports - we are using ChaRM.

For our standard corrections, the following occurs:

Step 1 - Change Request is created and approved.

Step 2 - Change Document is created (ZDMJ)

Step 3 - Transport is created and task is released in SE10

Step 4 - ZDMJ is marked as In QAS

**At this point a TOC (Transport of copies) is created and automatically released**

Step 5 - The TOC is imported into QAS via the task list

Step 6 - ZDMJ is marked as QAS Test Successful

**At this point the original transport is released**

Step 7 - The original transport is imported into QAS via the task list

The above 7 steps are all working ok. HOWEVER, this is where the annoying part occurs. Lets just say that the ZDMJ is left as "QAS Test Successful" as no further actions are perfomed for a while. In the mean time we then run an import to Pre Production (we have Dev>QAS>Pre Prod>Prod) via the tasklist (this is a job scheduled daily).

The original transport would then be picked up in this job and be imported to Pre Production (even though this doesn't match up with the status of the ZDMJ)!! Then the task list is changed to "Go Live" and the import to Production is ran via the tasklist.

Once again, the original transport is then imported to Production (even though the Change Document in ChaRM still states QAS Test Successful)!!!! The transport simply doesn't match up to the status of the ZDMJ.

Is this normal ChaRM funtionality or have we set something up incorrectly????

The way it's currently working is completely useless to us!!!!!!

Please help asap, REALLY appreciate it!!!!!



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