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Dec 01, 2011 at 12:34 AM

BBP_VENDOR_SYNC is not always picking all relevent newly created vendor



Issue :Vendor replication via schedule job BBP_VENDOR_SYNC is skipping some of the vendors for same account group

We have SRM5.0 extended classic scenrios with component SRM_SERVER->550->SAPKIBKT16 and in ECC 6.0 with component SAP_APPL->604->SAPKH60406

1. We have proper customization about the venor syncronization with create new vendor also as well as define settings backend systems with number range in SRM.

2.BBP_VENDOR_SYNC program with first option "from last update " is ruuning in background with 1 hour intervel . In SM37 we donot have any variant for the same.Beacsue by default it picks "from last update " from program BBP_VENDOR_SYNC

3.We didn't observer any short dump or time out in ECC for FM: BBP_SCAN_VD-responsible for new and update vendor selection for ECC.

4.SLG1 logs in SRM doesn't have any error for object :BBP_VENDOR_SYNC and similarly No jobs cancellation for BBP_VENDOR_SYNC

5. Transaction BBP_SNEW_SYNCVD -doesn't have any trace for missing vendor

Still vendor replication is skipping some of the vendors. For example last two days, we have created 107 vendors in ECC for similar account group.Out of 107 only 100 has been replicated. But if we manaually replicated 7 vendors via BBPGETVD, it replicate .

Is there any technical reason not to replicate some of the vendors ?