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Nov 30, 2011 at 04:48 PM

Monitoring QRFC and MONI messages on ECC


Hi, all.

I have been trying to setup PI monitoring on the ECC server without much success. The goal is to monitor error messages from sxmb_moni and the QRFC on the ECC server(the PI server monitoring is working ok). I have tried the following MTE class in the ECC: SXMB, QRFC Queues. I noticed that SXMB only gives "the total number of errors in the last 7 days" kind of monitoring. But I am hoping that when an error shows in MONI in ECC, it should show up in CCMS. Also, the QRFC monitoring isn't working well either. I have already changed the DP disptacher to run every 5 minutes and gone through PI monitoring doc. However, I cannot find any answer. Can you please advise?