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Nov 30, 2011 at 04:18 PM

Help on uploading docs in SUS


Hello everyone,

Totally a newbie to SRM and I am from ABAP background...

However, in my current project we are implementing SRM-SUS and I need to handle SRMSUS BSP stuff..which is again a territory to be explored!!! More BSP related posts to come later :P

Here, we have a requirement where in we need to provide an option to upload documents to SUS...

We also have a Content Server and I suppose we need to configure it to the SRM.

I happened to read some posts which talked about Document management system (DMS).. I just wanted to know if I am going on the right DMS the correct option for us? Are there any other options?

I have gone through some tcodes like OAC0, OACT and more like that where we need to create content repository, storage repository...

Please help me in this regard...

Any useful documents are always welcome!