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Nov 30, 2011 at 04:20 PM

Difference in Webi Report from BPC Multiprovider and BW Multiprovider


Hello Gurus,

I'm new in Webi but I have knowledg in SAP BI 7.0.

The problem is as follows:

BPC generates in BW some structures for its applications like Infocubes and Multiproviders.

I create an Universe from BPC Multiprovider. When I creted the Webi Document, I can not see the hierarchies or parenths associated to the dimension in the bpc application (Multiprovider y BW). To solve this I create a BEx Query to associate the hierarchy in the characteristc an create an universe from the BEx Query. The problem of this is that I have to create a BEx Query and universe for every single parenth in the bpc dimension.

Other test that I did was create a Z multiprovider from the BPC Infocube an build an Universe from it. When I create the Webi Documento now appears all hierarchy.

Is something like a difference between the multiprovider that generates BPC and the multiprovider created natively in BW.

Are there some corrections to fix the multiprovideres generated by BPC?