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Nov 30, 2011 at 12:39 PM

SAP BI 7.0


Hi Gurus,

I have to prepare some FAQ's for training in my company.

Please help me on questions below if you have time as i am finding difficult to get answers:

a. How to populate variable entry in report coloums?

b. Difference in new selection and restricted key figures?

c. In R/3 how to handle a scenario when loading data in tables and user trying to access data at same time?

d. when we use cell editor?

e. variable selection has entry 2008 and report result should show previous 5 years. how to achieve this? can we use factory calendar to achieve this?

f. 3 cubes with different years of data. user wants to see specific year. how to achieve system goes and check that particular year only instead of going to all cubes in multiprovder?

g. Create index process type fails in process chain? what can be reason?