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Nov 30, 2011 at 11:43 AM

Regarding Distribution Monitor for export/import



We are planning to migrate the 1.2TB of database from Oracle 10.2g to MaxDB7.7 . We are currently testing the database migration on test system for 1.2TB of data. First we tried with just simple export/import i.e. without distribution monitor we were able to export the database in 16hrs but import was running for more than 88hrs so we aborted the import process. And later we found that we can use distribution monitor and distribute the export/import load on multiple systems so that import will get complete within resonable time. We used 2 application server for export /import but export completed within 14hrs but here again import was running more than 80hrs so we aborted the import process. We also done table splitting for big tables but no luck. And 8 parallel process was running on each servers i.e. one CI and 2 App servers. We followed the document DistributionMonitorUserGuide from SAP. I observerd that on central system CPU and Memory was utilizing above 94%. But on 2 application server which we added on that servers the CPU and Memory utilization was very low i.e. 10%. Please find the system configuration as below,

Central Instance - 8CPU (550Mhz) 32GB RAM

App Server1 - 8CPU (550Mhz) 16GB RAM

App Server2 - 8CPU (550Mhz) 16GB RAM

And also when i used top unix command on APP servers i was able to see only one R3load process to be in run state and all other 7 R3load process was in sleep state. But on central instance all 8 R3load process was in run state. I think as on APP servers all the 8 R3load process was not running add a time that could be the reason for very slow import.

Please can someone let me know how to improve the import time. And also if someone has done the database migration from Oracle 10.2g to MaxDB if they can tell how they had done the database migration will be helpful. And also if any specific document availble for database migration from Oracle to MaxDB will be helpful.