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Nov 30, 2011 at 10:03 AM

No display of closed organisational units in the query designer


Dear BW gurus

I have a problem regarding closed organizational units not displaying in the query result of the Query Designer (7.0).

I have a query displaying FTE for each month in the columns, and organization units and employees in the rows. The problem is that the organisational units which has been closed down during the year is not displayed properly in the query result. E.g. we have orgunit B and C located below orgunit A, and orgunit D below C. Orgunit D is closed per 31.03.2011 and the employees moved to orgunit B. When I execute the query I would like to see orgunit D (and its employees) displayed below orgunit C for the first 3 months of the year, but orgunit D is only displayed below node Unassigned (and the FTE's in orgunit D are therefore not counted in).



- > B


- > C


- > D

(sorry, its not displaying very nicely; D should be located below node C and not next to C)

I have checked the master data for the employees, and these are correct (the orgunit for employee is changing for the correct month). I have checked master data for orgunit, and these are correct (the units are restricted to the correct time period). I have checked the content of the infoprovider, and this is also correct.

The problem seems to be the way the organizational hierarchy is displayed in the query result. The hierarchy is displayed as it is on execution date for the report (where orgunit D is closed down). Consequently, the closed orgunits is only located below an unassigned node.

Settings in the query:


Tab Hierarchy - Activate hierachy display = X

Tab Advanced - Access type for result values = Master data

We're on BW 7.0 SP05

Please advice how to make the org hierarchy display the closed org units at the position they actually had in the time period evaluated. Points will be awarded for valuable help.

Kind regards Nete