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Unicode export:Table-splitting and package splitting

Hi SAP experts,

I know there are lot of forums related to this topic, but I have some new questions and hence posting a new thread.

We are in the process of doing unicode conversion in our landscape(CRM 7.0 system based on NW 7.01) and we are running on AIX 6.1 and DB2 9.5. The database size is around 1.5 TB and hence, we want to go in for optimization for export and import in order to reduce the downtime.As a part of the process, we have tried to do table-splitting and parallel export-import to reduce the downtime.

However, we are having some doubts whether this table-splitting has actually worked in our scenario,as the export has exeucted for nearly 28 hours.

The steps followed by us :

1.) Doing the export preparation using SAPINST

2.) Doing table splitting preparation, by creating a table input file having entries in the format <tablename>%<No.of splits>.Also, we have used the latest R3ta file and the dbdb6slib.o(belonging to version 7.20 even though our system is on 7.01) using SAPINST.

3.) Starting with the export using SAPINST.

some observations and questions:

1.) After completion of tablesplitting preparation, there were .WHR files that were generated for each of the tables in DATA directory of export location. However, how many .WHR files should be created and on what basis are they created?

2.) I will take an example of a table PRCD_CLUST(cluster table) in our environment, which we had split. We had 29 *.WHR files that were created for this particular table. The number of splits given for this table was 36 and the table size is around 72 GB.Also, we noticed that the first 28 .WHR files for this table, had lots of records but the last 29th .WHR file, had only 1 record. But we also noticed that, the packages/splits for the 1st 28 splits were created quite fast but the last one,29th one took a long time(serveral hours) to get completed.Also,lots of packages were generated(around 56) of size 1 GB each for this 29th split. Also, there was only one R3load which was running for this 29th split, and was generating packages one by one.

3.) Also,Our question here is that is there any thumb rule for deciding on the number of splits for a table.Also, during the export, are there any things that need to be specified, while giving the inputs when we use table splitting,in the screen?

4.) Also, what exactly is the difference between table-splitting and package-splitting? Are they both effective together?

If you have any questions and or need any clarifications and further inputs, please let me know.

It would be great, if we could get any insights on this whole procedure, as we know a lot of things are taken care by SAPINST itself in the background, but we just want to be certain that we have done the right thing and this is the way it should work.


Santosh Bhat

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1 Answer

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    Nov 30, 2011 at 01:42 PM

    For 1.2TB distribution monitor is defienately a fesible option considering the complexity you add to your over all process. You might have realised that by looking at the export timing you didn't gain also much.

    Haven't done any oracle to maxdb migration. But taking clue from your comment that most of the R3load is sleeping, i would ask have you checked your OS setting and Maxdb setting as per standard SAP recommendation on the target.

    Though not directly related , but you might want to look at the following thread

    Unicode Migration on MaxDB - create indices - R3Load



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    • Former Member Markus Doehr

      Hi Markus,

      So a few more things:

      1.) I am not using the entire 7.20 kernel on the source. I used just the R3ta and library file belonging to 7.20 on the source.

      However, I will go through the note mentioned by you.

      2.) If I got you correctly, basically it is ok to add more than one key fields in R3ta_hints.txt file?

      3.) So, irrespective of the size of the table size, it does not make sense to have more than 8 splits per table?

      So, the sequence for export-import would be:

      1.) Export preparation on source.

      2.) Table-splitting preparation.

      3.) Actual export on the source.

      4.) Start Installation/Import on the target system.

      Please let me know your thoughts on the same.