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Nov 30, 2011 at 07:47 AM

Does anyone know a way to replicate the <SAPSID>adm user ?


We are trying to consult to one of our clients that using SAP/r3 with Oracle 10.2 DB.

The client has a team of 4 DBAs, and the entire team members are using the username <SAPSID>adm in order to login to the DB and conduct changes and other operations.

We believe this is the wrong way to handle the login authorizations, and we think that each DBA has to have his own user name in order to enable audit trail. The client's IT team manager claims they don't know how to create personal user names with the authorization level of the <SAPSID>adm, and they must use this user name for their needs and operations.

Does anyone know a way to replicate the <SAPSID>adm user authorizations to some other DB admin user name so they will enable audit trail for each team member?