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Nov 30, 2011 at 06:40 AM

Material varince


Hi Experts,

We are faceing the problem in material varience, any how i found the varience its coming in the production order Co03,but my client wants how to take the case i have prepare the Zt.code which tables i fletched i dont know can you please suggest to to take the report.

varince will be happen in Co03 target cost / acutval var.

material cost as per staderds 10 rs included exachnge rates, As per sap its coming the 15 rs. we will not updated the sfg material cost ,so we are decresing the 2 rs (15-10+2)=13 rs but as sap 13 rs and std material cost is 10?

cleint wants reoprt? how to take the report, its possible how to fletch the tables, i dont know which table we are given the link,please give the currect suggestion.


Mastan Reddy N