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Nov 29, 2011 at 10:46 PM

FTP Action Block & Zebra Printers


I am using a BLS to create an XML file I will ftp to a Zebra printer. I am able to ftp the file from a cmd window so I know the xml file is good to go. In the command window I do not specify a file path. Just a straight ftp to the ip address of the printer.

In using the mii ftp action block, it wants a remote folder name in the configuration section which I do not have an entry for. I get the following error - [ERROR] [FTPStickerToPrinter]FTPPut: Error while putting file web://MES/NCR/NCRStickers/NCRSTICK.XML from folder , Could not change directory to

Is there something I can put in the remote folder entry that tells it to ignore it and get send the file to the ip address of the printer?