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Nov 29, 2011 at 09:14 PM

BW Navigation Attributes


Hey, all,

I'm just checking myself here -

We have a BW 3.5 system. We have 0GL_ACCOUNT set as authorizationally relevant. We have a object (Z_GLACCT) created and set with various value ranges for the different GL account sets.

The user reported an issue where she was able to run queries and workbooks without putting any GL account values in and it returned only the data for the GL accounts that she had authorization for. Now, if she runs them without inputting GL account values that she is authorized for, she gets an authorization error on Z_GLACCT. However, if she runs the queries with specific values for GL account that she is authorized for, the query/workbook runs fine.

We have made no changes to the security roles or the roles assigned to the user.

The only change that I can find is that one of our developers turned on the navigation attribute for 0GL_ACCOUNT. In the new 7x systems, there is a checkbox for making navigation attributes auth relevant but we do not have that in our BW 3.5 system.

Am I off base here in thinking that the change to the navigation attribute is probably causing our issue?