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Nov 29, 2011 at 04:46 PM

A question regarding document link in WebI 4.0 and hierachy as a filter


Hello experts

Now we got a requirement to display a WebI report based on BW query. In BW query, we have a characteristics with hierachy, lets say "Account".

In query definition of WebI, we can see the "Account" is displayed as a normal dimension and when we expande the "+" sign, we can see all the hierachies there. Let's take one of them, "profit&loss", as an example.

When drap&drop "profit&loss" into the query result, we cannot add it into the filter panel at the same time as it reports "this object cannot be placed in the both panel".

My question is, why we have this restriction? What we can do if we really want to control the hierachy level when running the report and also display the hierachy in the result?

The actual requirement is in report result, if we click one cell, the related hierachy node value will be transfered to another similar webi report(B) to control the hierachy level in report B. Is it feasible?

The story is a little bit long, but really appreciate if you could provide hints.

Best Regards

Zhang Xiao