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Nov 29, 2011 at 04:32 PM

How can you see a hidden Datasource?


Using Crystal Reports v. I have written a report, which is running through a C++ program. I recently had to change Datasources, and now, the report will only run on the c++ program if the data is in the old datasource and not the new one. When I look at the datasource location expert, I only see the one I had just changed to. However, when I look at the dependancies I see this problem:

Error Data Source: Verify for table Command failed. Possible report corruption. C:\acclaim\reports\Invoice Support.rpt

Warning Data Source: There are unlinked tables in your report. In some cases this could lead to an excessive quantity of records. C:\acclaim\reports\Invoice Support.rpt

Also when looking at or trying to change the links, I see this error:

More than one datasource or a stored procedure has been used in this report. Please make sure that no SQL Expressoin is added and no server side group-by is performed.

How on earth can I see where the problem is. I believe as the writer of the c++ program does, that it is still referencing the old Database, but I can't see it.


thanks you in advance!