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Nov 29, 2011 at 03:45 PM

When cube has sub-item char available and not main char - multiprovider


Dear Experts

I have a cube containing 2 sub-item characteristics that uniquely identifies a main char but the main char is not available in this cube.


Main char AAAA1 if filtered using MS Excel will give sub-item1 = AAAA1 and sub-item2 = AAAAA2

So, if I know sub-item1 + sub-item2 combination , i can derive main item.

I have a DSO with both the main and sub-item chars.

I also have a Cube with only the sub-item chars.

I have a multiprovider union of these 2 : cube + DSO.

A query is written to show Qty KF from the cube and price KF from the DSO.

The multiprovider is unable to identify the main char from the DSO with the Cube as main char is not available in the cube.

However, the sub-item chars can be identified for both the data targets in the multiprovider.

So, now the report shows 2 lines instead of the required 1 row of record since main char is not available in the cube and so its shown with value '#' in another row.

Since the combination of the 2 sub-item chars : sub-item1 and sub-item2 uniquely identifies the record in the cube, is it possible at BEx level to resolve this?

For example :

Cube :





AAAAA ___________AAAA1________AAAAA2_______$5

Report now showing:


AAAAA ___________AAAA1________AAAAA2______$5


Report To-Be :


AAAAA ___________AAAA1________AAAAA2______$5_________10

I am seeking your advice, opinion or clues on how to resolve this problem.

Would greatly appreciate your help.

Best regards