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Nov 29, 2011 at 02:47 PM

No data available in the source system for this selection - BW infopackage


Hi All,

Main: I need to full load data based on "created on" field date fiscal year datewise.

Issue: This is somekind of abnormal issue. For a 2LIS_VAITM & 2LIS_VAKON data source, i am getting no data for fiscal year 2011 while extracting full load in BW. However if i check in rsa3 in source, i can extract the data without any issues.

Details: For 2010 and beyond i am able to extract the data in BW info package. I checked in quality system and tried replicating the issue and the data got extracted for fiscal year 2011. I, as per some activity deleted the setup table using tcode lwbg and started creating the setup table using tcode OLI7BW.

Kindly help urgently.


Mohd. Shadab