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Nov 29, 2011 at 12:32 PM

Unable to clone File Adapter receiver channel for parallel processing


Hi Experts,

While working in Idoc file interface(idoc to xml file). i am using variable substitution for producing the target file.

In my case, i need to populate the fields based on the attribute node value.

for example, from idoc ORDRSP.ORDERS05, i need to get the value of PARTN in E1EDKA1 AG.

i found there are E1EDKA1 AG, E1EDKA1 RE, E1EDKA1 RG, E1EDKA1 WE. but i need to get the

value of of PARTN in E1EDKA1 AG to my target file name.

Note : Is node attrbute value can be taken using variable substitution?

Kindly provide some suggestion.