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Nov 29, 2011 at 12:05 PM

Crystal XI R2 ActiveX Viewer Hang


Hi all,

I am hoping somebody may be able to help with a problem that has been driving me mad for a couple of weeks!

We have a report which is very old and has not been modified since July this year. We have never had any problems with it until about two weeks ago when one user started having problems. It is a pretty basic report looking at one foxpro table (via ODBC) with some simple formulas and a couple of sub reports. No graphics, charts or complicated formatting.

Our application generates the data fine but appears to hang when it tries to launch the viewer. It seems to hang in one of 2 places (although I cannot be 100% sure as I cannot recreate the issue on any development pc). It either hangs when we try to make the viewer visible or when calling ViewReport in which case the viewer appears with a blank grey screen but the report is never presented. Sometimes in the second scenario the first page of the report will flash up and then disappear. No errors appear and if I then open the report directly in CR it displays perfectly.

However it does not hang every time. It only seems to happen when running the data for one set of parameters (although even then it will occassionally work!). We have tried various things to resolve the issue, all of which appeared to fix it for a short time, but none have fixed it.

Things we have tried are: -

Disable anti virus

Remove the default printer and add a new one

Change screen resolution to a lower setting (this appeared to have the most reliable results?!)

Saved the report with "No Printer" selected

As mentioned above all of these attempts resulted in the report running fine a few times and then it starts failing again.

The pc spec is good - Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz 2gb RAM running XP SP3 and is probably slightly higher specced than other pc's which are having no problem at all.

If anybody has any suggestions as to what we can try next I would be very grateful. This pc belongs to one of our MD's and he is not happy as he uses this report 2-3 times daily!!

Many thanks