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Nov 29, 2011 at 11:44 AM

Different plants not permitted for installation/Dismantling


Hi friends

The client is doing the supply and servicing the equipement for patients. Always central office receives the equipment from supplier and sent to the branches.All the services are carrying by the nurses/ drivers.

However when the equipment fails or damages they sent the equipment to repair shop(parent company). In fact repair shop location (space), technicians, engineers are coming under parent company role (different operation) . The spares are supplying by the service plant for repairing. If the material is required for repairing work they will inform to sister concern (service plant) to receive the material.The engineer/technicians are planning scheduling the repair jobs. These group of people only working for repairing tasks not for thier own plant jobs..All the expenses (consumption, manpower) want to book against the service plant .Every month sister ocncern is paying some amount to parent company for this task.

Now you tell me is it required to have seperate planning plant or it will come under the service plant ?

Actually I was set two planning plants and tried to install the repaired equipment to repair shop functional location. However the system is issued the error as "Different plants not permitted for installation/dismantling". Since previously the equipment was under service planning plant and not accepting repair shop planning plant. Every time dismantling of equipment from functional location, removing maintenance plant, planning plant is not recomended to install the equipment on repair functional location. The reason is that , users are very very few and daily so many equipments are going for repair shop.

Please tell me how to map this business scanario?



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