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Nov 29, 2011 at 11:38 AM

Logoff button in FPM application



I've created a FPM application, which is accessed directly through IE (as opposed to Portal). Because of this, the standard Close button is not appearing, so I have added my own logoff button. When pressed, this raises the event cl_fpm_event=>gc_event_close in the Configuration Controller component, which causes IE to prompt that the window is being closed and the standard logoff page to be displayed.

My problem is that the authentication data is still existing in IE if the window is not actually closed, so if the user then presses Back or goes to the URL again they can access the application without having to login again.

The SAP help [] shows how to create your own logoff page, and also how to clear the authentication cache with

document.execCommand( 'ClearAuthenticationCache' );


I've tried to implement this for my FPM application in SICF, but it is being ignored. I can't even get a simple bit of HTML to be displayed instead of the standard logoff page. Can anyone help please?

- How to get your own logoff page working with a FPM application

- How to run the Javascript to clear the Authentication Cache (I'm assuming that once I can get my own page inserted it will be a case of executing the Javascript in the BODY ONLOAD event).