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Nov 29, 2011 at 11:33 AM

F-02 - Service Tax entry


Dear All,

My problem scenerio is like ,

I am giving salary / Loan as a advance to contractor.

This entry we are doing with Special G/L Indicator.

SGL Ind. 'Z' - Advance for Loan and

SGL ind 'R' - Advance for salary.

Now when we get bill from Contractor, we are adjusting advances with this bill.

Also there is service tax deduction in bill.

i.e By Tcode F-02 entry is like

PK G/L SGL ind Tax Code Amount

40 Labour Contract wages , S1 170061.00 Dr

31 Vendor Account S1 139592.00 Cr

50 PF/EPF A0 39491.00 Cr

39 Vendor Account R 9000.00 Cr

40 S tax unpaid S1 17497.00 Dr

40 S tax ECS unpaid S1 350.00 Dr

40 S Tax SHE unpaid S1 175.00 Dr.

Note : 'S1' is Tax Code (Service Tax code), A0 is tax code with 0% tax rate

'R' is SGL ind.

Normally when there is a service tax deduction in entry, System is update table DEFTAX_ITEM.

Now from above entry, System should update table DEFTAX_ITEM with three line item of Amount 17497.00, 350.00 and 175.00

But this entry is not getting updated.

Now if there is no special G/L indicator entry, then entry is getting updated in table DEFTAX_ITEM.

Even if there is two special G/L indication 'R' and 'Z' then also service tax entry is getting updated in table DEFTAX_ITEM.

But if there is only one sepcial G/L indicator either 'R' or 'Z' , then in this case Service tax entry in not getting updated in table DEFTAX_ITEM.

What can be the problem.

Is it somethig Configuration issue or any SAP note need to implement.


Swati Shah