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Nov 29, 2011 at 11:11 AM

Wily Introscope agent not deploying on PI


Hi all!

We have a solution manager 7.0 system, recently upgraded to stack 26. We have several PI landscapes, all connected to solman. Recently, i was able to update the Introscope agent on one PI 7.1 SP3 enh. pack 1 system without any problems, using introscope agent deployment in solman_workcenter -> Root Cause analysis -> Diagnostics Setup -> managed systems -> Introscope agent.

With a 711 sp4 enh 1 system, i'm struggeling to get the agent deployed/upgraded on the same manner. The errors i'm getting are:

ISAgent Setup on node: servername - 2352050 - server0

Operation Failed

Introscope Agent Configuration

Remote Operation Failed

Introscope Agent Extraction

Remote Operation Succeeded

Updating Introscope Agent Profiles

Remote Operation Failed

ISAgent Profile Generation: IntroscopeAgent.profile

Remote Operation Succeeded

Detailed Information

Failed to get vm parameters from database - Failed to get Instance properties - 23520

Introscope Agent Connector Generation

Remote Operation Failed

Detailed Information

Introscope Agent Connector generation is done using JDK at: null

Detailed Information

Failed to create Introscope Agent Connector at: J:\usr\sap\DAA\SMDA97\SMDAgent\applications.config\\BytecodeAgent\ISAGENT.\wily\connectors - java.lang.NullPointerException

I'm using the same (SAP default) instrumentation profile as on the other PI servers. Also using the same autoprobe directives:





I've read several forum posts regarding this issue, none aswered and none giving a clue in what direction i am to look for an answer. The only difference between the systems is patch levels and that the server experiencing the problems has an additional java node. Is it a problem with the autoprobing directives, should something in the instrumentation profile be changed? (if so, is there any available documentation regarding this?)

If someone is able to point me in the right direction i'd appreciate it.