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Nov 29, 2011 at 10:57 AM

Periodic SAP india payroll activities


To ensure smooth running of payroll, what are the activities for SAP India Payroll support consultant and endusers in

1.	End of the year
2.	Beginning of the year
3.	Mid year
4.	Quarter
5.	Monthly

1.	End of the year


Update SAP payroll calendar and check dates for the upcoming year.

Update SAP for all changes affecting Year End Tax reporting.

Update any deduction and payment models.

Update posting dates for upcoming year.

Update all dates associated with month end accruals for upcoming year.

Install required HR Support Packages (HRSPs), up to and including the Year End Base depending on your release of SAP.

Review all the key OSS notes to see if they need to be applied based on your business requirements.


Clear all outstanding claims prior to last payroll of the year.

Review uncollected taxes and take required steps, if desired, to resolve them.

Review reconciliations between GL and Payroll to make sure tax accounts are in balance.

Run March payroll for all separated employees in the fin year.

Ensure the investments are on actual check the 580 series Info types

Claim disbursement need to be carried out.

Claim carry forward need to be carried out.

Check the Tax is not payable for any employee.( User to ensure)

Run the F16 report for sample case and check the calculation for categories of employee

Data for f16 comes from RT created in March .Ensure everything is correct once the payroll is exited you cant change the F16.

Check the perquisites calculation & ensure to transfer the perquisites values fixed maintained in It0015/It0014 to new fin year in APR month

Generation of Form 3A and 6A