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Nov 29, 2011 at 05:32 AM

Depreciation Adjustment


Hello All,

We have some assets that should have had half year convention but the users entered the capitalisation date of 10/1/2011 as their depreciation start date. We went and changed the depreciation start date to 7/1/2011 and the YTD depreciation is now correct but the users would rather have the adjustment posted in November and let December post correctly

E.g if my asset has a 5 year life and its acquisition value is 100,000= 10,000 in the first year which would be 3333 for 3 months( P10,11,12) system posted 2000( just making up this number) for P9. We want 3333 to post in December, so November should post the difference of 3333-2000( the amount by which P10 was short) + P11's depreciation.

we can't rerun depreciation for p10 and fix it as the books are close.

How can I achieve this?