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Nov 28, 2011 at 09:29 PM

sap.com_FRAMEWORK 'non nwdi deployment flag'


Hi all,

I'm trying to migrate ARFC to ARFC2 models, while doing it the DS adds a new dependency to tc/cm/arfc2/api and it can not resolve it. I've found out that this DC is inside the FRAMEWORK SC.

Then I've followed the procedure described bellow:

1. Through SLD define JAVA FRAMEWORK OFFLINE 7.30 as a prerequisite to my SC (build time).

2. Update CMS into Landscape configurator -> Domain data.

3. Synchronize SC Dependencies into my Track Data.

4. Download FRAMEWORK00_0-10007877.SCA file from marketplace and put it into usr\sap\JTrans\CMS\inbox folder.

5. Checking In the SCA and then import into Development Tab.

The step 5 finished with errors: sda is not added to build request, because associated SC is marked with the 'non nwdi deployment flag' for all the SDAs included into SCA file.

Does anyone know what is happening?