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Nov 28, 2011 at 06:01 PM

Automate Identification of Reject Data


Hey everyone! Quick question - is there a way to automate the identification and retrieval of Reject Data following a dump & load task?

I have a custom SSIS package that runs each night and loads transaction data. Most of the master data changes have been automated, however some of the dimensions are still maintained manually. Because of this, on occasion, data is brought in through the custom package for dimension members that have not yet been added to BPC. When this happens, the users will add the dimension members at their next availability and then re-run the package. What I want to happen is have the rejected records automatically get added to a SQL table after each package run, so that if the dimension changes aren't made for multiple days it simply keeps appending to the table and I have a single list. My problem is that I can't seem to automate the identification of the rejected records. They get dumped into a reject log, but is there a dynamic constant for this reject list, or is there another location where these can be retrieved in an automated fashion?

Once i have this table, I have another package that will simply run the import using the data in this Reject SQL table, and users will be able to run this on demand once they've made their dimension changes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!