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Nov 28, 2011 at 05:34 PM

In-Memory Computing Engine Important Process and Architecture related query


Hi HANA Guru,

I am new to HANA Architecture and would like know following query

1. What are the important Process in IMCE ( HANA Database) and each responsibility and path (location)

2. I just come to know that there is PageManagement, Can we able to configure manually ( according to OS level we can but not sure about HANA DB level)

3. Will Sybase replication Agent ( server ) and Dataserver directly interact with persistence layer ? if yes what about SLT ?

4. what is the functionality of calc engine is it comman interface for SQL and MDX

5. In what level Authorization manager will work ?

6. is there any system table for Metadata manager

7. there is two type of Disk Storage data volumes and log volumes where does it store path information

8. what are the main system tables

I will give full points 😊

please explain in simple language.. let not point all pdf ( i know all information is available in pdf or )