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Nov 28, 2011 at 05:07 PM

Using SQVI To Generate Program in DEV


I have read a lot about the merits of using SQVI for simple queries and then generating the code and assigning to a transaction code so that others can run the query/report. I have found posts in this forum that suggest using SE93 to create a transaction code and assign the SQVI generated program is the only way that an SQVI query can be shared. I certainly hope they were not assuming that users have SE93 in a production environment??

My question is, if I create this query and generate the program in our DEV environment and then assign it to a transaction code, can this be transported from DEV to TST to PRD intact? Will this work?

One other question, when the program is generated does it also create the required authorization checks? I am using USR* tables for this report, nothing considered sensitive, would any additional authorizations be required to allow just about any user to run the transaction?

Disclosure, I am a power user and not an ABAP specialist.

I appreciate a speedy reply if that is possible.